Exquisite Collection

Undeniably Exquisite Merging fashion and function, the Exquisite Collection fixtures operate as seamlessly and beautifully as they look.” 

OTOL China is pleased to announce the successful launch of the Exquisite Collection of faucets and accessories. Ever since its debut in early 2012, homeowners and dealers have been raving about the elegant forms and enduring quality.

We change the conventional perception of bathroom fixtures from static pieces of hardware to dynamic and exciting centerpieces of luxury. Constructed from solid brass, the quality and substantiality of an Exquisite collection faucet is undeniable from the moment you pick it up. Bonded to principles of timeless craftsmanship, we dedicate ourselves, the quality and substantiality of an Exquisite Collection faucet is undeniable from the to engineering products that perform endlessly and give our customers a full range of aesthetics. Whether someone chooses a clean and classic shape or a timeless traditional profile, each Exquisite Collection product is a perfect blend of style, performance, and value.

Outstanding detail is prevalent throughout the entire collection. The intricate patterns on the ceramic plate of the Apollo faucets create a finishing touch in any traditional space. The smooth form of the Illusio faucet and the dramatic curved spout of the Unicus models each have a unique character that makes a distinct creative statement to illuminate your bathroom.

To encompass a multitude of tastes, Exquisite Collection faucets are available in several immaculate finishes. Whether you prefer a mirror-like surface of a triple-plated chrome or a warm, classic feel of an oil-rubbed bronze, your style preferences can be matched. Each model is compatible aesthetically with our full line of complimenting accessories that are plated to match the finish options of the faucets.

Merging fashion and function, the Exquisite Collection fixtures operate as seamlessly and beautifully as they look. Silky-smooth lever action and perfectly aerated water flow create a spa-like experience that exudes luxury and sophistication. Every faucet undergoes extensive inspections and quality control testing to ensure a lifelong, trouble-free operation.

For more information on the Exquisite Collection or to make a purchase, please visit our Where To Buy page.

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